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Block A, Aman Complex, First Floor, Unit 6, 1st Floor, Jalan Aman, Sungai Tilong, BSB, Brunei

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+673-871 7116​​​​​​​

Mon - Fri - 8AM - 6PM

​​​​​​​Sat: 8AM - 12.30Noon

Off:  Sun, P.H.Fri 12Noon - 2PM

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The Newest and First in the world Technology for the Early Detection of Cardiac Dysfunction.

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Read More about Myvista  below:-


MyoVista® high sensitivity ECG (hsECGTM) Cardiac Testing Device is a new resting 12-lead electrocardiograph utilizing continuous wavelet transform (CWT) based signal processing. MyoVista hsECG technology is designed to improve the sensitivity of an ECG in detecting ischemic and structural heart disease at an early stage. It’s patented signal processing method measures myocardial energy during the cardiac cycle. Proprietary informatics focus on cardiac performance and energy during repolarization rather than conventional voltage-based ECG information, and provide valuable new data to assist in identifying repolarization abnormalities. 

MyoVista Energy Waveform detecting diastolic dysfunction, an early indicator of heart disease. MyoVista testing also provides all conventional resting 12-lead ECG information within the same test, at comparable cost, and following the same clinical protocol. 

MyoVista benefits from more than 10 years of research and development focused on improving ECG technology. MyoVista hsECG device produces a sensitivity of 78% and a speci city of 71%* for the detection of diastolic dysfunction. During a recent clinical trial MyoVista technology produced a sensitivity of 88% and a speci city of 87%* using machine learning analysis which indicates even greater future capability for the detection of diastolic dysfunction."